Life stories*

A way out of poverty

Emmanuel’s parents died when he was young. He was suffering from neglect, with nobody to look after him when Bright Future began to care for him as a pre-schooler.

Many years on and Emmanuel has taken a huge step towards living an independent life. He has completed his training in tourism and has already found a job working in a hotel reception. He is very grateful and can now look to the future with confidence.



You are hope

Tanja’s mother moved from the countryside to Addis Ababa to earn money for her family. Her dream of big city life and its job opportunities quickly became a nightmare: she could not find work, had no roof over her head and became pregnant by a man who left her soon afterwards. Shortly before Tanja’s birth, she finally found somewhere to stay: a corrugated iron hut with plastic sheeting for walls. Having lost all hope for herself, she gave her daughter a name meaning “you are hope” in Amharic, the local language.


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Optimism after exam success

“I have a lot of responsibility at home because I’m the only girl. I have to wash my own clothes as well as all my brothers’ school uniforms (by hand!) My mother washes everything else at night when she comes home from work. Every night, I clean, sweep the floor, wash up and cook for the whole family. Something great happened recently: last summer I passed the national exam after the 8th grade. That’s the best thing ever!”


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*all names have been changed