Focus areas

Our regular visits to Ethiopia ensure we always have a clear picture of what is happening at Bright Future so that we can provide tailored support for our team. Our work focuses on the following areas:


We consider education to be one of the most important routes out of poverty. We cover all the costs of the children’s schooling. The children usually attend state schools. In classes of up to one hundred children learning by rote, only moderately successful learning outcomes can be expected. So one of our focuses at Bright Future is on providing additional lessons and extra tuition at our own premises every day, outside normal school hours.





Learning on a full stomach in school: we support the children and their families by giving them basic foods. Parents and guardians receive food and hygiene products every three months. This is a small contribution towards easing the daily challenge of work and providing Food.






We provide basic medical care and educate the children and their families about hygiene. It is often the lack of personal hygiene that causes poor health in children. We work alongside local hospitals and doctors for the treatment of more serious illnesses.






The children at Bright Future are supported within their own families. Families come in all different shapes and sizes and often have to learn how to take care of their children. Education levels are very low in the K’echene slum. Many family members can’t read or write. We use simple methods to try and involve the families in their children’s development. Families are trained and coached by social Workers.