As a charitable aid organization, we depend on donations. With your help, Bright Future Switzerland is committed to providing education, food and healthcare to children in Ethiopia. Thank you!

A donation of around 80 Swiss francs per month can support a child and their family. This covers schooling, additional food and hygiene products, clothing, care and support costs as well as medical care, if required.

Donation account

Bright Future Switzerland
Projekt: Äthiopien
4852 Rothrist

Postal Account: 60-174145-9
IBAN: CH34 0900 0000 6017 4145 9


Visit the project

Come to Ethiopia with us! If you are interested, you are very welcome to join us on our annual trip in the Spring. We can offer you the opportunity to take part in the children’s creative programmes and practical work, and you can even come with us when we visit the children in their homes.